let me just tell you. the easter bunny is real, all right. real grumpy. real annoying. and really full of himself

don’t let the easter kangaroo see this



To Paris

Ooh you’re improving, Icy! :O 



what exams

Happy day 4 of rainbow snowcone week!



*I restarted by computer cause Photoshop wasn’t working*

The colors of the picture didn’t save the way I wanted it to be saved :/ (top) comparing to the bottom which is the one I want >:I  but then my photoshop froze up annnd yup 

I took a screencap of the part i could salvage 

Why do I keep drawing an older looking Jack, and what is up with these proportion  >:T *punches tablet*

I’m at disappoint with my skills and my photoshop!!

anywadsaiuyyyysss I read the new chapter of Project Guardian this morning and SQQQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEAAAAALLL

I’m gonna take a few hours break, then I will be proceeding into drawing another 1920’s themed picture for someone and homework ovo


look at all that fabulousness<3

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It’s 3AM in the morning and I’m going NUTS. 

Jack and Tooth in Victorian clothing *sucked at drawing an accurate one* ,drawing suggested by JackandTooth

Waiwaitwait, I’m missing something:

Yup, there we go.

I accidentally made Jack looking like an adult more than a teenager (resulting the stubbles), and that goes for Tooth. She’s a bit taller because she’s wearing heels. 

And oh crud, what if Adult Jack looks like his father. 

Between me and Squiddy, we stated some lil’ facts behind to this;

-Jack grows handling the job as a newspaper boy, trying to support his family. 

-He has only seen Tooth only once, until they grew up 

-Think of Ezio flirting with girl *this was all me* 



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mincoco asked: I'm going to continue to post more Project GUARDIAN stuff, and I really don't want to spoil anything for you, (trust me you don't want to be spoiled), so I'm going tag certain things "pg spoilers for blackrose". Please make sure to blacklist the tag! :)


Haha, okay. I did that before I answered this ask and it disappeared XDDD So it works!

Awesome! :D

Project Guardian live action AU where the actor who plays Jack is easily flustered and the actress who plays Tooth is less easily flustered

the-mexican-ninja asked: Hope this isn't too personal, but you said that you don't celebrate Easter? Why is that? All it has become is just giving people you care about chocolate based gifts


Nah, it’s a simple explanation actually, but I’ll put it under the cut for respect to other’s beliefs, though if you’re curious about what my religion is, go ahead and take a look!:

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What do you mean rated PG doesn’t mean rated Project Guardian

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